TOEFL Reading Group Classes

Get 25+ in Reading

How does it work?

Here’s how we boost your TOEFL® Reading score

1st  >  You work closely with a professional TOEFL® Reading teacher.

2nd  > Each individual is unique. Your teacher will analyze your weaknesses and show you how to turn them into strengths.

3rd  >  You utilize our library of resources and wealth of knowledge to build your reading skills.

Professional TOEFL® teachers maximize your score

You have two choices: do it on your own or work with an expert TOEFL® teacher.

One way is tough and time-consuming.

The other will raise your TOEFL® Reading score in less than a month.

It is time to work with an experienced TOEFL® teacher.

Group Classes for the Reading Section
of the TOEFL Test

Reading Group Classes

1 month – 6 lessons


3 weeks


  • 6x 1h group lessons (less than 8 students)
  • Complete Reading Score Builder Course for the TOEFL® – video lectures (5 hours)
  • Reading Score Builder Program for the TOEFL® (200+ activities)
  • 10 Practice tests for the TOEFL® Reading
  • Your Ultimate Vocabulary List for the TOEFL® Test
  • BONUS Reading Practice Pack for the TOEFL® (500 reading practice questions)
  • Unlimited email support

Besides an expert TOEFL® instructor, you will also gain access to:

  • TST Prep’s founder, Josh MacPherson, shares over 5 hours of exclusive never-before-seen videos on TOEFL® Reading strategy
  • Reading Score Builder Program for the TOEFL® designed to build the skills you need for the score you want
  • Your Ultimate Vocabulary List for the TOEFL® Test
  • 100s of hours of TOEFL® Reading practice questions and tests

By the end of the Reading Score Builder Group classes, you will have:

  • Reduced the amount of time you need to read a passage
  • Discovered multiple strategies to answer all question types
  • Developed a study routine designed to improve your reading score
  • Formed relationships with other like-minded TOEFL® takers
  • Identified your bad reading habits and built better ones
  • Improved your confidence and reduced your anxiety about the TOEFL® Reading
  • Still reading? Then you are EXACTLY who this group was designed for

Available Time Slots*:
*Dates are subject to change based on demand conditions.

12-Sep-2023 18:00
Group A: x Sun & x Wed
Starting date: x May 15th
Your time x Eastern Standard Time

x 5:00 xPM - x 6:00 xPM x Sun, May 15 2022

EST (New York)x America/New_York

x 5:00 xPM - x 6:00 xPMx Sun, May 15 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What time slots are available?

We are committed to finding a time that fits in with your schedule. Our teachers have flexible schedules, so we are confident that there will be a time that works for you. Still, you can send an email to if you would like to know more.

Do you guarantee scores?

We guarantee to provide you with the best possible TOEFL® Reading materials and teachers on the planet. However, it is impossible for us, or any other educational institution, to guarantee scores. Learning is a two-way street. If the student is not willing to put in the necessary time and effort, there is no way they will improve. Don’t believe other schools making empty promises like guarantees.

How do I know your method will work?

At our core, we believe that each student is a unique individual. While no two students are the same, many share similar characteristics. For example, many students struggle with making inferences or summarizing passages, so we have developed specific strategies and activities to address those needs. In other words, our methodology is to first analyze each individual and then provide them with the support and resources he or she needs to improve. That is how it works.

Who are the teachers?

You can learn more on our About Us page, but every instructor at TST Prep has majored or minored in TESOL, ESL instruction, or some other aspect of education and the English language. They have all been handpicked and trained to teach classes using the TST Prep methodology.

Do you provide practice questions and tests?

All practice questions and tests are included in your package. Once you select a package, everything, including practice tests and course access, is included.

What if I can not attend one of the lessons?

All of our lessons are recorded and then sent to students after class for review. You will be able to watch whatever you missed in class.