TOEFL Writing Course: Get 24+ in Two Simple Steps

Writing Course

Get 24+ in Two Simple Steps

You have taken the test before, but you are stuck in the 17-23 score range.You want to know exactly what you have to do to improve your writing score.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to craft perfect personal examples
  • How to write longer sentences
  • How to take notes like a college student
  • How to use advanced writing templates
  • How to manage your time and edit faster
  • How to write more in less time
  • How to fix your grammar mistakes

Lecture 1: Introduction to Get 24+ on the TOEFL Writing

Feel like you don’t know how to improve your writing skills?

We have worked with hundreds of students and know exactly what you need to build your TOEFL Writing skills.

Get 24+ in the Writing Section
of the TOEFL Test – Course

Get 24+ in the
TOEFL Writing Test



  • 20x Video Lectures
  • TOEFL Grammar Builder
  • The Ultimate TOEFL Synonym List
  • Independent Writing guidebook
  • Integrated Writing guidebook
  • 10x TOEFL Writing tests
  • Over 100 independent speaking and writing questions
  • Advanced TOEFL Writing Templates
  • Crafting Perfect Personal Examples

About the Instructor:

Josh MacPherson is a seasoned English language teacher who conducts classes and creates materials for motivated English language learners. He is the head instructor at TST Prep and TOEFL Speaking Teacher, two online schools focused on TOEFL preparation. As of early 2019, his TST Prep YouTube channel has over 30,000 subscribers and his TOEFL Speaking Success courses on Udemy have enrolled over 25,000 students from more than 120 countries. When Josh isn’t teaching students or developing content, he enjoys spending time with his wife Naomi and their two children, Lea and Jin.

Course Elements and FAQ

Course Lectures:
  • Lecture 1: Course Intro: How to Get 24+ in Two Simple Steps
  • Lecture 2: How to Think: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Lecture 3: Building Your Inner Coach
  • Lecture 4: TOEFL Integrated Writing Review
  • Lecture 5: TOEFL Independent Writing Review
  • Lecture 6: About the TOEFL Diagnostic Test
  • Lecture 7: Creating Your Study Schedule
  • Lecture 8: Understanding the TOEFL Writing E-rater
  • Lecture 9: Creating Advanced Writing Templates
  • Lecture 10: How to Predict Listening Passages
  • Lecture 11: Taking Efficient Notes
  • Lecture 12: How to Manage Your Time
  • Lecture 13: The Five Types of Integrated Writing Passages
  • Lecture 14: TOEFL Writing Case Studies
  • Lecture 15: Independent Essay Structure Analysis
  • Lecture 16: Crafting Perfect Personal Examples, part 1
  • Lecture 17: Crafting Perfect Personal Examples, part 2
  • Lecture 18: How to Use Conditional Sentences
  • Lecture 19: How to Write a Conclusion
  • Lecture 20: What You Have Learned
  • TOEFL Grammar Builder (40-page workbook)  
  • The Ultimate TOEFL Synonym List (PDF)
  • Independent Writing guidebook (50 pages)
  • Integrated Writing guidebook (50 pages)
  • 10x TOEFL Writing tests (sample essays included)
  • Over 100 independent Speaking and Writing questions
  • Advanced TOEFL Writing Templates (PDF)
  • Crafting Perfect Personal Examples (PDF)
How long will I have access to the course?

All courses at TST Prep come with unlimited access for one year. There is no subscription plan. At the end of one year, you will simply be unable to access these materials (unless you purchase again).

Do you guarantee scores?

You are not a machine. This information will not simply upload into your brain like an application you download on your phone. We guarantee that you will not find this one-of-a-kind advice anywhere else, but we cannot and do not guarantee scores.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all courses.

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