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We believe at the heart of every success story is not our teachers, our staff, or our curriculum, but our students.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the most gifted and talented people from around the world and it is an honor to help all of you on your journey to English fluency.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your story.

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No one provides better practice TOEFL tests than TST Prep. Their tests are more accurate and closer to the real TOEFL than anyone else’s material… including tests from major textbook publishers.
Michael Goodine

from Test Resources

TST Prep’s complete TOEFL tests are simply amazing. They have answer keys, scoring rubrics, and sample answers so my students know exactly what they need to do to improve. Finally, someone has created reliable and authentic TOEFL materials I can trust.
John Healy

from Study With It

I highly recommend Josh MacPherson, his team, and his TOEFL preparation services. Josh has had many years of experience helping students achieve the scores they need. He is committed to providing quality, up-to-date test preparation materials so that students can be ready to meet the challenges of the TOEFL test.
Kirstyn Lazur

from TOEFL Land

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